Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The mountains,

Covered in clouds,

Like wrapped in mantle,

And escape tedious cold.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not abandoned

Of course not an abandoned blog. Will be posting soon. Thank you! :) :) :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

As I am!

My last post was on the Independence day about the Independence day of India. After that I didn't post. How could I, when I am so lazy? Yes I am lazy. So much so that I have stopped working on my second book. There are other reasons too. But those are seasonal. The laziness is getting on me. What I am suppose to do? Kill time. That's what i am into. Then, then what? May be I would find the answer and come back later. For time being I am lazy and going lazy.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today is India's Independence day. Around sixty five years back India gained her freedom from the oppressive British rule. It was a Tryst with destiny'. Not because she gained freedom from one of the Imperial powers of that time, but the way she gained it.

India got her Independence through non-violent movement, something hyped every time in this world. Their were earlier attempts made through violent form to win freedom but it was only through this new found weapon that a new age was traced.

One man stood amongst, their odds, ideology, custom and many other things. But Mahatma Gandhi's fight was not just against the British but many other ill principles of the Indian society and their mindsets. To an extent it was successful and certain thing which he couldn't triumph upon - today's generation is fighting it out.

The freedom was won sixty five years back but the real fight was fought in this last sixty five years and is still on. We are fighting corruption, customs ,societyical odds and many to mention. Then there is one mistake which committed at that time and we bear for it to these day - the partition. That was a mistake, huge one and compensating for it is nowere on cards. The reason is that the fight still continues over that front. There will be a time when it will be solved and there will be time when we might over come the odds in today's lives.

Then, then we will find the true freedom.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Dear friends,

The below story created quite a flutter when i posted the same to club group. Some even hit at me saying i should quit writing. There are ways to speak to one person and there are ways to talk online too. Anyways no offence. The below story might have grammar but never intended to show any one in bad light or stereotype. I wrote because i believed in what I've written and i personally like it. I don't see anything wrong. My intention was to make people laugh as I thought the story has lot of humour in it.

My writing will always continue no matter what one has to say!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


‘Job hunting is easy these days, then done.’

I am here at a BPO to attend an interview for the post of Investment Analyst and to be frank – I am least interested to attend. (Don’t ask me why?)

I sit at the reception. To my right there is this girl –in her salwar kameez and clutching a file as if it is a treasure. (It must hold her credentials) I don’t like her dress sense. It is not matching her. I wanted to say to her – ‘If you have a boyfriend, ask him, he would guide you…, else ask me!’ HEEHAW

To my left there is another girl, complete opposite reflection of the one at my right. White shirt, tight trouser, very tight (wonder how she fit in it) straightened hair, smell of those international perfume derived from the skin of dead snake or they say so. I like them all. She is a modern girl. Yo baby yo!

I sit in between them, image of 21st India - One traditional and the other modern. Mom I have fond the bride for you, which one you want – your choice.

Mr.Sreekumar Nair! A lady in her secretarial dress call out my name. I go in the cabin and I am greeted by a handsome hunk or I think so! ‘Well Mr. Nair, I see you are not employed last six months. What were you into?’

I was busy authoring a book, I wanted to say. ‘I fell sick’ I said.

‘Sick for six month?’

‘Well I had to undergo a surgery and it took time to recoup’

He lift his one eye brow (wonder how he does it) ‘Mind telling what happened’ I explain to him and he listen in rapt attention.

‘So why you left your last company?’

‘I couldn’t achieve my target’

‘Hmm, I like your frank answer. But then you think you can achieve it here? I nod my head.

‘I mean you’re a sick guy, didn’t get your target last time. How are you going to do it here?’

What does he mean by I am a sick guy? I am medically fit and that word ‘sick guy’ has many connotation to it. How he dare, asshole?

‘Can you show me a presentation?’ he asked. I give a disgusting nod. ‘You can use the board’. I pick up a marker and want to write big, ‘FUCK YOU!’ Unfortunately I can’t.

I explain to him if the crude price fall, the best investment option is NSE and if not NIFTY or gold is a better option if NSE fails and Baba Black sheep!

Seems the asshole is impressed and he puts me to HR round. Have some talk sense; I wanted to say as I left his cabin.

I meet the HR in second round, may be in her fifty. Still a HR? I am in my thirty and hunting job. That settles it.

She takes time to study my profile. Few moments later she looks at me. Then she says ‘All fine Mr. Nair. But your appearance should have worldly outlook. You know this is an international BPO.’ I will remove my cloth and stand naked. Will that give her the required outlook?

When I leave the premises I see the two pillars of Indian culture still sitting there. Few moments later, I see the traditional girl in conflict with someone on phone. I overheard the conversation. (Bad habit)

She was saying ‘I didn’t sleep with you, you slept with me.’

Yo baby yo!


Monday, July 19, 2010



As I board this train which will take me to my home town in the next twenty-four hours, my heart is throbbing in my body. Thrilled, I can hardly linger to reach my destination.

The excitement has always been there. I remember when as a child I would visit my grandparents and spend my days in total bliss. Today I recall it as a paradise on earth; so naturally blessed with beauty. It is rightly called as ‘God’s own country’.

It’s 10:45p.m when I board the train. I went to bed dreaming of waking to the sunlight hours when I start my days in the serene splendor of my home town.

I wake up the next morning to see the train bustling with people. Many vendors including chai wallas offering hot tea-coffee in the early morning; others were selling garam pakodas and samosa. I take tea and sit comfortably near the window. The train has entered Kerala. As it passes each town I am mesmerized by the exquisiteness of the natural world. The hilly terrain roofed in clouds, green fields as it dances to the tune of the breeze, idyllic cows grazing on them, lakes and rivers curving freely, banana and coconut plantations aplenty - God is such a wonderful creator!

I observed my co-passengers. Many of them with their families are heading for their vacation. I could sense the excitement on the faces of their children. I felt happy too. A few others were local travelers. This place is their home as well as a work place. To their daily bread they shuffle from town to town. A few moments later I notice this girl sitting next to me reading a book. Probably in her twenty’s, she looked striking. Not so pretty face but she appears elegant in her black salwar kameez. Her long and fair thighs are visible in her taut and translucent trouser. She is with her mother and it seems her name is Nandini as her mother uses to call out to her now and then. The rest of my journey is spent in styding her as well as the natural beauty of the countryside. When the train halted at the Trivandrum station -the capital of Kerala, my co-passenger Nandini disembarks. It seems this is her town. Hoping to catch a glimpse of her again, I continue my journey. After few more stations, I reach my destination. I see my uncle who has arrived to receive me.

It is just a two kilometer drive from the station to my native town. I see my aunt, their kids and a few other cousins who are waiting to welcome me. The excitement grows in me as I see all of them. The next few days I look forward to spending enjoyable time with them. Food is one thing which tops the chart on any occasion. Kerala food is worthy to die for. Its taste and quality is unbeatable. Banana is a fruit which comes in various size and colour- green, yellow and even red. It also fetches the prime yield of revenue in agriculture in the state after coconut. The coconut water is a pure thirst quencher. I make sure I have plenty of them. Jackfruit is another fruit typical of Kerala. It is light yellow when ripe. You can have it in various blend - have it ripe (yummy it taste so good), when raw you can make variety of chips. You can also make various types of curries out of it. Oh yes I forgot to mention the banana chips which is famous here. Then there are mangoes. It comes in a lot of variety too. Everybody is aware how mango fruits taste when taken ripe but for having it raw is more adventurous as we climb the tree and pluck it out. We take it after soaking them in the mixture of chili powder and salt with oil (again-yummy!). Sorry can’t help it! Our house is surrounded by all this plants and these fruits which it bears. So literally it’s forested area and who doesn’t love to stay in the lap of nature? Many of these trees are so big that I end up making a tree house with my cousins. We have planned to make a wooden house during the next vacation. Fish is the most edible stuff in this part of the country. Fishery is the largest industry in Kerala. Fish is very good for the health and is an internal part of every meal in my home. I use to bathe almost three times a day. The reason is the lake which flows close by. I and my four cousins and few other friends from that area made it mayhem whenever we take a bath there. It was so much fun! Apart from visiting my relations and few temples, I visit the famous Shankmugam beach at Trivandrum, the beach at Vaaley and the boat houses at Allapuza. It is all so much fun!

I don’t know how the days just pass by and soon my trip comes to an end. The memories are something which will never go away and I will cherish them until the next summer vacation. Hoping for another wonderful summer holiday next year, I board the train to Bangalore.

When I reach and disembark at the Bangalore station, I see Nandini with her mother getting down from another coach. She was in the same train yet I was unaware. (I curse my luck) I look at her wondering whether she has had the same memorable holidays as I have!